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As the leading SMM Company in Chennai we are extremely confident about our reputation and our work ethics. Digital marketing is the main way of promotion of brands and products or through one or more ways of social media which is very pervasive that the consumers will have to access it to get information at any time and also at any place they want it to be done

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is very common with the popularity of various websites like the Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.
As response it is known that the FTC or else known as the Federal Trade Commission has updated all its rules along with the social media marketing.

Best social media marketing company chennai
LinkedIn - 300 million Followers

605.4 million people can be reached through LinkedIn advertisements

Facebook - 2.41+ billion Followers

Over 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook ads

Instagram - 1 billion Followers

11% of U.S. social media users shop on Instagram

Pinterest - 265 million Followers

The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes

Twitter - 330 million Followers

500 million tweets are sent each day

YouTube - 2.00 billion Followers

Over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos is watched daily

Yulanto is a company which has a team of Digital Marketing experts, excels in digital campaigns in India providing exemplary Digital Marketing services.

PPC Audits

Our PPC Audit process starts from understanding audit objective, coverage and leading to data analysis.

Social Advertising

EasySeo can help you with paid social campaigns that can drive your target audience toward much targeted desired actions.

Google AdWords

Hiring us gives you the benefit of a full-time AdWords expert without the extra cost of hiring another full-time employee.

Bing Advertising

Our in-house Bing ads agency team has the training and expertise you need to make the most of Bing’s popular PPC platform.

Display Advertising

Your display ads will be targeting an audience that has already indicated an interest in your service or product.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Improve ROI and increase conversions by marketing to people who have all ready visited your website.

Brief process of our pay per click campaign:

Our pay-per-click (PPC) management service includes the following components:

Best digital marketing agency in chennai

PPC search campaign strategy

Keyword research and selection

Ad creative development

Campaign set-up

Bid management and ROI tracking

Landing page optimization and development

Campaign management and analysis

Our Work Discipline in the case of Digital Marketing

We are extremely professional in our work standards. Being the best digital marketing company in Chennai we make sure to keep our reputation at a neutral bar which we never let to drop. Our clients have always been satisfied with our work as we deliver to them. Similarly our team of experts will first get into a detailed conversation with you and then further resolve the issue or finish the work that is to be done. With a minimum fee charge you will get the professional touch for your digital marketing. We work very hard to help our clients get what they want to fulfil their missions.

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