Advance Payment: The client will be invoiced for Fifty percent (50%) of the total signed quote for website development and Yulanto Web Creations requires this amount to be paid before work will commence on the project.

Additional Charges: Any significant change in the scope, whether included in the final version or dropped because of clients’ feedback, will attract additional charges.

Royalty Stock image: Any other payments towards Royalty Stock image purchase, Subscription or anything which is not covered under the contract shall be paid directly by the client to the respective vendors or respective service providers.

Cancellations: If a client request for a cancellation of project then Yulanto will not guarantee for the acceptance of refund. Designer, Developer and Project Manager will be allocated on the day when we get the financial confirmation so Yulanto is not responsible for reimbursement for any transaction charges made for the project.

Hold/close work: Your feedback would reach us within 1 or 2 days. If you fail, we will send notification for reminding and if work would not completed within a period of time due to your delay, you have to pay balance payment to hold the work. Otherwise the work would be closed due to it.

Transfer Domains: If you would like to transfer the domain and hosting from us, you have to pay what we are asking to pay when you transfer. Because we are providing free domain and hosting on first year.

Refund Policy: Once the contract is read, signed and activated, clientis not entitled for refund of any amount at any point of time for anyreason.